Chyon Hae Kim Associate Professor

Academic background

 2003/3  Department of Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University Bachelor
 2005/3  Department of Science and Technology, Waseda University Master
 2008/3  Department of Science and Technology, Waseda University Doctor(Engineering)


 2005/4 ~2008/3    21st Century COE Program, Waseda University Research Assistant
 2008/4 ~2013/11   Honda Research Institute Japan Researcher
 2013/12~Currently Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
                               Iwate University Associate Professor
 Additional Posts

 2008/4 ~2012/3    RIKEN BSI Nakahara Lab. Visiting Researcher
 2008/4 ~Currently Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering,
                              Waseda University Invited Researcher
 2013/10~2014/3    School of Creative Science and Technology,
                              Waseda University Adjunct Lecturer
 2016/10~Currently Iwate University enPiT Executive Office Executive Director
 2017/2~Currently AISing Co. Ltd. Director (CTO)


 2013/4 ~Currently AJSCA Associate Editor
 2014/1 ~Currently Advanced Robotics Editorial Committee Member
 2014/4 ~Currently SICE Tohoku Branch Expert Committee Committee Member
 2014/7 ~Currently Applied Intelligence Review Board Member
 2014/9 ~Currently RSJ Research Expert Committee Committee Member
 2016/4 ~Currently IPSJ Journal Editorial Committee Committee Member
 2017/4 ~Currently Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award Selection Committee Member

 Program Committee Member

 ICIRA2010, JSAI2011, SCIS-ISIS2012, AIM2012, JSAI2012,

 JAWS2012, ICAMEM2012, ICMDME2012, ICMCM2012, ICMDME2013,

 JAWS2013, ICITCS2013, ICMCM2013, ICMDME2014, ICACME2014,

 JAWS2014, ICMCM2014, AAMAS2015, ICISA2015,JAWS2015,

 DIA2016, ICISA2016, ICMDME2016, SSCI2016, JAWS2016